Sharon M. Crary Handwoven Rugs and Tapestries

My floor pieces are woven with a heavy linen rug warp and 3-6 strands of rug wool weft.  Some wall pieces may use other yarns in the weft that would be suitable for walls.  The weaving is done on a 45 inch wide 4 harness loom using a block technique that allows the reversal of colors from one side to the other.  It is
a weft-faced weave as no warp is visible in the finished piece.  Some pieces are finished with a sturdy braided fringe and others have end finishes that are twined and woven back into the main body of the textile.
The rugs are woven with two shuttles.  One shuttle carries the colors for the front side of the rug, and the other shuttle carries the colors for the back side of the rug.  In the grid designs of Mardi Gras Flambeau and Terra Cotta, the colors from the back side can be seen, but are not emphasized and are not integral part of the design.  In Mind Mesas, Heat Wave and Fog City the colors as seen from the front and colors from the back are combined and deliberately blended to give depth and richness to the design as a whole.

Mardi Gras Flambeau 3' x 5'
Mardi Gras Flambeau - Handheld flambeaus were  carried in night time New Orleans Mardi Gras parades to light parade route during that bead-tossing fun-filled celebration.

Terra Cotta 3' x 5'
Terra Cotta is also a grid design using linen warp and wool weft. The rug is completely reversible changing block colors on the other side.  It reminded me of the adobe colors found in the southwest landscape as well as in their buildings.


Tabby 30" x 52"
In Tabby I used the block configuration to illustrate a greatly magnified tabby weave, over one, under one.  The dark areas are composed of a number of dark shades of red, blue, black and green yarns.

Mind Mesa - 3' x5'
My teenage daughter had taken a trip "out west" from our Louisiana home.  I began to see pictures in my mind of where she was and what she was doing.  Later I expanded that idea into Mind Mesa.  This was woven in the same technique as earlier pieces but the blocks are disappearing.

Heat Wave- 31 1/2"x52"
Heat Wave was inspired by a crayon color sketch I drew to express a short Napa Valley summer hot spell.  My focus was on  blending unexpected color combinations.

Fog City-32"x57"
Now a cool down!  This was the first piece I wove after moving from Louisiana to Napa Valley.  We had made several foggy day trips to San Francisco crossing over the Golden Gate bridge.  As I was weaving those images would reveal themselves.

Eventide- 30" x 54"
The blocks are gone and the  mixing of colors from the back side yarns are combined to enrich the colors on the front side.

 Recycled "Rag" Rugs
Rag rugs are woven with fabric strips as weft and usually cotton rug warp.  The fabric can be cotton, polyester blends, wools , knits, etc.  Mill ends from fabric production, fleece selvages, knitted t-shirts or sock leftovers, recycled clothing or jeans from Goodwill have all found their way into my "rag" rugs.  Patterns for rag rugs are probably limitless and  include plain weave tabby stripes of "Hit and Miss", Log Cabin, Overshot, Rosepath, Twill, Crackle, Summer and Winter, Boundweave and many more.  The names  given to different patterns have been passed down though weavers for years.